Importing Resova's Google Tag Manager Triggers & Variables

To get set up with Google Tag Manager quickly, we have prepared an import sheet for you to include in your own Google Tag Manager accounts. A number of triggers and variables are available to ensure you track the basics, with options to customize further.

If you haven't already, see our article on Tracking visitors and conversions with Google Tag Manager.

Importing Resova's pre-made triggers and variables 

To get started, download our import file of custom triggers and variables here.

Head to Google Tag Manager and click Admin in the top left. Select Import Container in the container options to the right.

On the Import Container form, click the Choose Container File option and add the import file you have just downloaded.

Choose the existing workspace to add the triggers & variables(typically this will be default if you have just got started).

Select Merge under the 'choose and import' option, with the Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers and variables checked.

Click Confirm to import triggers & variables.

Adding your own custom events

If you prefer to configure your own custom event triggers and apply only the variables you need, read our guide on supported Custom Event Triggers for Google Tag Manager.

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