Setting up Adwords conversion tracking with Google Tag Manager

Configure Google Adwords conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager to track visitor movement and actions from the moment they click your online ad.

Required triggers and variables

To track Adwords with Google Tag Manager, Resova's purchase event triggers and the variables for transactionId and transactionTotal  are required. If you haven't included these in your Google Tag Manager account, see our guide on importing Resova's Google Tag Manager Triggers & Variables.

Setting up the Adwords conversion tag

Click Tags on the left hand-side menu and then New.

Enter a name in the tag form and then click Tag configuration and select Google Adwords Conversion Tracking from the list.

To connect ads to this tag, you will need to obtain the Conversion ID and Conversion Label in your Adwords account. See step 2 from this guide here on how to find them values. Once you have gathered them values, enter them in the required fields.

Variables for the Conversion Value and Order ID fields must be added. Click Conversion Value and choose the transactionTotal variable. For the Order ID, select the transactionId variable.

Enter the currency code that you accept payments in such as USD, CAD, EUR etc.

Now click the Triggering box below and your list of triggers will appear. Click the purchased Resova custom event and this will be added as the trigger.

Hit Save and your basic Google Adwords tracking tag is now ready. To go live, click the Submit option in the top right in Google Tag Manager.

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