Setting up HTML/Javascript tags with Google Tag Manager

Custom HTML/JS in Google Tag Manager is available to track data on the booking site with whatever products you wish to use. Any custom HTML/JS snippets can be triggered at any time during the booking process.

It is recommended that you have Resova's pageView event set up for this tag. See our guide on importing Resova's Google Tag Manager Triggers & Variables to simply have that included.

Setting up a HTML/JS tag

Click Tags on the left hand-side menu and then New.

Enter a name in the tag form and then click Tag configuration and select Custom HTML from the list.

Enter your custom HTML.

Now click the Triggering box below and your list of triggers will appear. Choose the trigger you would like to assign to this tag. For example, click the pageView custom event if applicable to track page views throughout the booking site.

Hit Save and your custom HTML tag is now ready. To go live, click the Submit option in the top right in Google Tag Manager.

Triggering custom HTML/JS on specific pages

To trigger tags on specific pages on the booking site, we recommend you make a copy of our pageView event and change the settings to only trigger on them specific pages. In the following example, we will configure the tag to trigger when bookings are completed on the thank-you/confirmation page.

Select Triggers on the left and then click the pageView trigger. In the top right of the trigger view, select the options button and choose the Copy option from the dropdown.

Change the name of the copied trigger. We recommend you make this distinct from the standard pageView trigger.

Click Trigger Configuration and then change the setting for this trigger fires on to some Custom Events.

Click the field on the left and choose Page Path, leave the center field as contains and then enter /confirmation in the last field.

Click Save in the top right to save the trigger. When applied to your custom HTL/JS tags, this trigger will only fire when customers land on the thank-you/confirmation page.

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