What is SpeedPay?

SpeedPay is our internal payment facilitation product. We use two Payment Processors: FiServ and Adyen, your payment processor will depend on the location of your business. We use Adyen for all international business and FiServ for US based locations. 


SpeedPay Benefits: 

  • Advanced POS Module with integrated hardware
  • Seamless, Integrated online customer Checkout
  • Integrated POS features with Card Present terminals
  • Apple Pay™ Express Checkout
  • Exclusive features including Split payments, gratutities and more

Connect SpeedPay today: 

Step 1: Go to Integrations 

Step 2: Click Payments

Step 3: Click Apply


You'll need the following to get started: 

- Voided Bank Check

- Bank Account Details

- Personal Information for ALL Owners

- Average Annual and Transactional Volumes per Location


US Applications, Apply Here

International Customers, Apply Here

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